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Phreak breaks down the numbers and rationale behind Doublelift's decision to buy a Zephyr on Vayne instead of Phantom Dancer. See which build is best in competitive play.
We break down everything you need to know about the Southeast Regionals this weekend. Who will make it to the World Championship?
Alvar Martin "Araneae" Aleñar takes you on a tour of Team Alternate's Gaming House for Super Week
How are the final 14 teams determined to play in the World Playoffs? Watch their journey on this interactive timeline.
After locking up the No. 2 spot in North America during Day 1 of Super Week, we break down what clinching the spot means for the team.
Amidst the mire of the EU LCS, SK Gaming occupies a precarious position, with advancement to regional playoffs on one side and possible relegation on the other.