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Even the professional players of the LCS have to take breaks from the game. We follow brothers TheOddOne and maplestreet to find out how they spend their rest and relaxation time.
Get a photo tour through the awesome that was the first LCS event to arrive in Spain on the beautiful Tenerife island.
A summary of the ongoings in the Asian League of Legends professional circuit.
We chat with Season 2 World Champions Toyz and Stanley about their departure from TPA and future plans.
A new community website called Cloth5 has begun to create and feature League of Legends and esports content.
Cloud 9 burst onto the NA LCS scene and have taken no prisoners on their way to the top of the standings. We talk with the team about how they did it.
The EU LCS has ended its final day in sunny Tenerife! Check out the recap of the day's matches and tune back in on Thursday July 25 at 1 PM PDT / 22:00 CEST for Week 7 of LCS, starting with VES vs C9
Vulcun are sitting pretty at No. 2 in the standings, but they're consistently voted underdogs by viewers. Hear the team's reactions in this video feature.