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Ambrielle 'Riot Katana' Army - 4 hours 40 min ago
We caught up with Amazing and Crumbzz to discuss what's in store for the 2015 season jungle.
Taylor 'Riot RoboTayCo' Cocke - 8 hours 22 min ago
We join Uzi, imp, and Mata as they prepare themselves for Worlds.
Leah 'SpiNN' Jackson - 22 hours 13 min ago
Relive the fun from the League of Legends 2014 World Championship festivities at Sangam Stadium.
RiotNickAllen - 1 day 3 hours ago
Check out the Expansion Tournament ruleset and an overview on how it impacts participating teams based on the Interregional Movement Policy and work eligibility requirements.
Mattias 'Gentleman Gustaf' Lehman - 3 days 17 hours ago
Which champions made their mark on the Worlds stage? We take a look at some of the most heavily contested picks.
Frank 'Riot Mirhi' Fields - 5 days 11 hours ago
After a dominant performance all tournament long, Samsung White defeats Star Horn Royal Club to win the 2014 World Championship
Tyler 'Fionn' Erzberger - 5 days 21 hours ago
To the Skies! Adept in poking in his ranged mode or getting in your face with his golden hammer in melee, Jayce has become a priority pick for the top mids at the 2014 Worlds.
Curtis 'Sagarys' Galluzzo - 5 days 22 hours ago
Check out this emotional video of Caster Jeon as he discusses his storied career in esports and the importance of League of Legends to him and to the professional gaming scene.
Alex Manisier - 6 days 17 hours ago
They bombed out last year, but Samsung White are back at Worlds, and only one more obstacle lies between them and the Summoner’s Cup.
Kelsey Moser - 1 week 7 hours ago
After just barely losing out to OMG and Edward Gaming in LPL, Star Horn Royal Club has bested their rivals on the Worlds Stage to make the Final.
Ambrielle 'Riot Katana' Army - 1 week 7 hours ago
This week we check out some player best of videos and stat breakdowns for the upcoming finals, and more!
Tyler 'Fionn' Erzberger - 1 week 20 hours ago
Unnoticed in the wake of his team’s superstars, Looper has quietly put together one of the best World Championship performances of all time.
Thomas Watts - 1 week 21 hours ago
Star Horn Royal Club’s inSec has competed for the two strongest regions in League of Legends this year.
Riot Jayway - 1 week 2 days ago
Damage dealt given the gold you've earned. Riot Jayway's column collects stats from competitive LoL to add to your knowledge of the game.
Rob Zacny - 1 week 2 days ago
The Worlds Rising retrospective series concludes, as pros reflect on how Season 3 Worlds brought with it a changing of the guard and a coming-of-age for the esport.