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Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid came out of the 2014 spring split with more than their share of solid games and a second place playoff finish. Roster swaps hit TSM hard in the offseason, seeing Xpecial move to Curse, and TheOddOne step to a coaching role. With new additions Gleebglarbu and Amazing, TSM will look to cement a World Championships spot in the summer split.
January, 2011
North America


Record16W - 12L
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Team History

Widely considered as one of the top teams in North America, TSM eclipsed other teams in the region by consistently reaching the winner's podium at major events like IEM, MLG, IPL, and the NA Regionals.
After building up some of the biggest personalities in League of Legends through popular streams and a content-rich community site, TSM used this visibility in tandem with their raw talent to develop one of the biggest names in the region.
For the first time ever, TSM fell to the No. 2 spot behind Cloud 9 in the Season 3 summer split prompting them to adjust the lineup with longtime leader, Reginald, stepping down from his starting position in favor of the highly regarded Bjergsen. With Bjergsen, TSM saw strength that rose with their competition, and largely enjoyed a strong showing in the 2014 spring split. At the end of the split, however, TSM fell to second place again, losing the playoff finals to Cloud 9 in a 3-0 sweep.

Team SoloMid is certainly still well equipped to push the NA scene to a new level in the summer split, but they’ll have to work harder than ever to secure a top spot among an increasingly competitive and impressive scene. Compounding this difficulty, the mid-split roster swapping of Xpecial to Curse and TheOddOne to a coaching role has brought new blood to TSM, namely Gleebglarbu on support and Amazing, formerly of Copenhagen Wolves, in the jungle. TSM’s success in the summer will be driven by their ability to incorporate and thrive with this new roster.