North America


Founded: November, 2011

Nationality: North America


XDG had more than their fair share of ups and downs in the 2014 spring split, ending in 8th place. After falling in relegation to LMQ, XDG takes their place in the Challenger Series in their bid to return to the LCS.


Record7W - 21L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Formerly known as Vulcun, XDG's LCS debut began in the spring split where they started with a dismal 0-5 record. But they turned things around at the end of the season, roaring back in the NA Regionals to a third place finish. XDG improved ever further in the summer split by securing a spot in the Season 3 World Championships where they unfortunately exited the tournament in the Group Stage. A team known for occasionally letting their opponents come back from large deficits, XDG struggled in the 2014 spring split and fell to relegation.

Decisively knocked out of the LCS by LMQ in a 3-0 sweep, XDG takes their place in the Challenger Series. With a scattered and reformed roster, it's anyone's guess as to how they'll fare going forward.