North America

Evil Geniuses

Founded: January, 2013

Nationality: North America

Evil Geniuses

One of Europe's most revered teams makes the trek across the Atlantic to compete in the NA LCS. Apparently unable to shake the jet lag, EG fell to relegation in their inaugural NA split, and will look to the summer split to review their tactics and push for a more competitive showing.


Record8W - 20L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Evil Geniuses is one of the largest esports organizations in the world, bringing over their team from Europe to compete in the NA LCS. The squad formerly known as CLG.EU, took 4th place in the Season 2 World Championships and barely missed out representing Europe in Season 3. With solo lane players Froggen and Wickd departing for Alliance, EG has tasked Innox and Pobelter to fill in the empty slots on the roster.

The combined talent was slated to make a big impression on the 2014 NA LCS spring split, but their debut was largely unimpressive, and, by the end of the split, EG had fallen to relegation. Though they pushed through relegation relatively easily, defeating Cloud 9 Tempest 3-1, EG will need to make some serious changes in order to avoid relegation in the summer split. The NA scene will be exceptionally competitive this season, and without considerable improvement, EG may fall victim to another disappointing split.