North America


Founded: December, 2012

Nationality: North America


Cloud9 has consistently dominated the NA LCS for the past three splits, making three trips to the finals and maintaining an overall 67-17 season record, and currently are one of the strongest performing international Western teams, with two straight World Quarterfinals trips.


Record24W - 4L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Cloud9 formed from the remnants of Orbit Gaming, the same team that failed to qualify for the Season 3 spring split. After the break up, Hai and LemonNation decided to stick with the team and overhaul it, adding Sneaky, Balls, and Meteos. The investment paid off, with a convincing qualifier victory over compLexity which continued into the LCS. Cloud9 took the Season 3 summer split by storm with a dominant 25-3 record aided by Meteos' league leading KDA and the duo of LemonNation and Sneaky introducing the Ashe/Zyra combination in the bot lane.


Sticking with the same five man roster from their inception, Cloud9 has continued to dominate through the entirety of season 4. A commanding victory in the summer split earned them a bye week in the playoffs, leaving them just one win away from Worlds. That win came in the form of an incredible 3-0 rout against a hungry Curse. Cloud9 went on to play TSM for the NA championship, but their sights were already on Worlds. At Worlds, they became the first NA team to beat a Korean team in two seasons With one of the only consistent rosters in North America, they look to continue their dominance through self-improvement, synergy, and teamwork, having yet to make a roster swap.


With most other teams making roster swaps during the offseason, can Cloud9 maintain their place as the most dominant North American team?