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Cloud9's dominant 25-3 regular season run was stopped short in the Season 3 World Championship quarterfinals with loss to Fnatic. The team returned as a heavy favorite in the 2014 NA LCS spring split, taking first place in a commanding 3-0 rout of TSM. Looking toward the 2014 All-Star event in Paris, Cloud9 has never looked stronger, and is in prime form to take on and defeat the top teams in the world.
December, 2012
North America


Record24W - 4L
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Team History

Cloud9 formed from the remnants of Orbit Gaming, the same team that failed to qualify for the Season 3 spring split (losing to Team Marn). Hai and LemonNation decided to stick with the team and overhaul it, adding Sneaky, Balls, and Meteos. The investment paid off, with a convincing qualifier victory over compLexity which continued into the LCS. Cloud9 took the Season 3 summer split by storm with a dominant 25-3 record aided by Meteos' league leading KDA and the duo of LemonNation and Sneaky introducing the Ashe/Zyra combination in the bot lane.

In the NA Regionals, Cloud9 never lost a single game and locked in a bye into the Season 3 World Championships. But their postseason run was abruptly halted by a red-hot Fnatic squad as Cloud9 bowed out of the tournament in a short-lived 1-2 series. They returned with a vengeance to the 2014 NA LCS spring split, going 24-4 and 5-0 in the playoffs, smashing TSM in the finals 3-0. With the opportunity to prove that their dominance is not localized to the NA scene, Cloud9’s run at the 2014 All-Star event in Paris could reveal a new world powerhouse.