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  • Avg. Gold per Min
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Most Played Champions

  • Times Played: 5
    Wins: 2
    KDA: 3.3
    GPM: 394
  • Times Played: 4
    Wins: 2
    KDA: 5.6
    GPM: 377
  • Times Played: 4
    Wins: 3
    KDA: 7.4
    GPM: 373

Player Bio

Froggen used to be the mid lane talent of Evil Geniuses, known for his innovative strategies and world-famous Anivia play. The second-youngest member on the team, he nevertheless challenged the meta-game by bringing Lee Sin to the mid lane. After his Lee Sin strategy was revealed and successfully executed at the MLG Fall Championship, Froggen proceeded to try out other bruisers like Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao. Though incredibly skilled with these characters, few players in the world have been able to keep pace with his Anivia play.

With Evil Geniuses moving to the NA LCS, Froggen stayed in EU and took up the Alliance banner, actively seeking new recruits for the team. He is a vital leader and has explosive playmaking potential for Alliance. Coming out of a promising season and a 4th place finish, Froggen remains a fan fixture, earning enough votes to make it to the 2014 All-Star Challenge. At All-Star, Froggen performed with exceptional style and grace, even defeating Chinese delegate and superstar, WeiXiao, in a 1v1 duel. As if he needed additional evidence of his skill, this certainly proves Froggen a force to be reckoned with in the 2014 summer split.